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About Bulk Gmail Accounts Creator

Google accounts creator is the application (bot) for unlimited automatic registration Google accounts (Youtube, Gmail).

During fake multiple account registration, Google checks the user’s browser for authenticity and signs of a robot. The script emulates a regular browser as much as possible in order to bypass Google’s protection.

Demonstration of Google Account Registrator

Google Accounts Maker Features

  • Unlimited registration (the script is not limited in any way).
  • Support for mobile proxies with changing IP on request (API).
  • Support for regular or residential proxies.
  • Generating unique profile for each account.
  • Ability to set up 2fa (two-step authentication) for accounts.
  • Ability to set up profile photo for accounts.
  • Support for 17 phone verification services.
  • The ability to register accounts without SMS verification.
  • Ability to use one phone number to create multiple accounts.
  • Support of PerfectCanvas technology.
  • The ability to collect Fingerprints from personal sites (Custom Servers).
  • Works in any GEO.
  • The ability to set your own list of names and surnames for accounts.
  • The ability to chose gender of accounts.
  • The list of accounts with email addresses and passwords is saved to the xlsx file.
  • Includes instructions for setting up.

Software Advantages Over Purchased Accounts?

  • You get online accounts with a native profile and a fingerprint, as opposed to the purchased options. This reduces the risk of being banned in the future to a minimum. Even with aggressive use.
  • You control the quality of the proxy.
  • The acc is registered and used on the same proxy. It also reduces the risk of being banned due to network changes.
  • Only you have access. Unethical sellers can sell the same accounts to multiple buyers at the same time.
  • Durability. Accounts with native profiles can live for years.
  • On high-quality proxies, you can create without SMS confirmation up to 80-90% of accounts.
  • And the most important thing is the cost. Savings can be up to 50-60%.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Premium key of FingerprintSwitcher – $20 per month. The script will not work without it.
  2. Proxy.
  3. Service for SMS activations.
  • Mobile LTE (private channel, with IP change (rotate) by API request).
  • Residential.
  • Server (with static IP) (IPv4, IPv6).

You can buy proxy here:


Recommended. Mobile IP addresses are more trusted by Google. Also, mobile proxy allows you to change IP addresses endlessly. Therefore, 1 mobile proxy can serve several thousand profiles (accounts). Therefore, you only need one proxy for the program to work.

Residential: – 3 GB promocode: YOUTUBE3 – Start at $0.7/GB

Server (IPv4 and IPv6):

You can also raise a mobile proxy on an old phone through this service

1 thread. There are restrictions on obtaining Perfect Canvas prints from a third-party server.

Depends on the queue for receiving prints in the FingerprintSwitcher service, usually 150-300 accs per day.

If you have personal sites, you can connect a special script and collect fingerprints directly in any quantity.

Depends on the quality of the proxy.

With personal mobile proxies, it can reach 80-90% without SMS confirmation.

Depends on how you will use accounts, on the software, on the proxy.

If you will use accs with Youtube Booster, no more than 5% of accounts are blocked.

For years if you will use accounts with native profiles.

But again, it depends on the conditions of use.

Yes. The script can only run on one computer or server.

If you need to migrate to another instance, just let me know, and I will reset the binding.

Windows 8,10,11. Windows Server 2016, 2019, 2022.

If you use Mac or Linux, you can buy cheapest VPS on Contabo and run program there.

Sure. I recommend buying VPS You can take the version with 6 cores and 16 GB of RAM.

Recommended server OS: Windows Server 2016, 2019.

The bot works with any country and language.



1-month license
  • All features available
  • 1 license – 1 device
  • 1-month license
  • Support included



No additional payments
  • All features available
  • 1 license – 1 device
  • No monthly subscription fee
  • Priority support included

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