1. Click on button “Pay with crypto”

2. Enter your real e-mail in the pop-up window.

3. Choose the preferred cryptocurrency to pay (the lowest commission for DOGECOIN and LITECOIN). Let’s take Litecoin as an example.

4. Next, you will be given the amount and wallet address  to which you need to make transfer. The data will be valid for 1 hour.

5. Go to the exchange aggregator https://www.bestchange.com

On the left you will see 2 columns. In the first, you need to choose from where you want to transfer funds, and in the second, the cryptocurrency that you chose in step 3 (in our case, Litecoin).

6. A list of current exchangers will appear in the main window. Choose the appropriate one (maybe the very first one).

7. After the exchanger website opens, check if the exchange direction is set correctly (for example, USD-Litecoin), if not, then set it manually.

Enter all necessary data that the exchanger will request.

Consider the example of paybis.com

8. Enter the “amount” you received in step 4 and click “Buy Litecoin”.

9. Enter the wallet address that was given in step 4 and click “Continue”.

10. Enter your card details and click “Pay”.

Wait for the transaction to complete. It may take from several minutes to an hour.

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